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Opus 3


2 years in the design process has yielded a very special cable which performance far exceeding its price. The strongest point of this cable is in the midrange area. Vocal is reproduced with precise pitch & timbre. Moreover, we can feel the EMOTION, which is rarely delivered by other cable in this price range.

Harmonic Harmony Unbalance Interconnect RCA-RCA Acapella is equipped with special protection to make it more immune to outside interference, such as alternator whine.

Unbalance cable means only 2 wires are active. One is for plus signal and the other one is for minus signal together with ground.

RCA-RCA means both terminals are RCA type.


1. 3 x 20 AWG OFC 4N purity (99.9999%)
2. Twisted design to minimize interference
3. Neutrix RCA connectors
4. Very special soldering technique to maximize performance




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